It's Wynique :) 21 years old. Been through some rough times in life. But I realized that it's making me a stronger woman in the end. God is molding me into something I'm not yet sure of...but i know i have an important purpose. I love being African American. I'm a romantic. To me, love is the greatest thing on this earth. God's Love is the greatest thing in the Universe. This blog is a way of expressing everything that i feel. I hope you like it :)

Black People

Yesterday, someone had told me to “get in touch with my black side” as a result of me not knowing who Schoolboy Q is or any other new hip hop artists are. Me, being very proud to b black, took much offense to this. He then continued to say that I must have a lot of white friends due to the way I talk. I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed this issue in previous statuses, but it amazes me that I still get comments like this from Black people. Like, I’m not black enough because I don’t know hip hop artists? Or I’m not black enough because I don’t talk a certain way? I them proceeded to correct him for his stereotypical comments and he apologized. Come on black ppl, were more than just music and Ebonics smh




We. Can’t. Have. SHIT.
Yt girls out here being useless.

This is gross.

Pero why?

I actually don’t see a problem with it. It’s interesting to see that they’re embracing black culture….white ppl don’t criticize us for perming our hair straight…….